Pucker Up Lemon Curd:  Tangy lemon curd. 
It is a very smooth, silky curd, easy to spread on biscuits, toast, scones,
cookies or pie crusts.  Can be used as a cake topping or filling. 
Blend with whipped cream to create mousses for parfaits or cake fillings. 
It can even be used to make a savory Lemon Chicken entree. Swirl into a
no-bake cheesecake for a Lemon Swirl Cheesecake.       
NET WT 9.8 oz (277g)  $ 6.95

Pucker Up Lime Curd: Very tangy lime curd, can be used in combinations with any of the other toppings or filling, or substitute it in the lemon desserts. Mix with Tequila, marinate shrimp, roll in unsweetened
coconut & grill.  Spread on biscuits, toast, scones.  Use as topping
or cake filling.  Makes great margaritas.
NET WT 9.8 oz (277g)  $ 6.95

Very Blueberry Sauce: Wild blueberries sauce with a hint of Madagascar bourbon vanilla.  Wonderful to pour over any cake, cream pie, ice cream.  Swirl it into whip cream to create a fun creamy mousse, spoon in stemware and drizzle on a little more blueberry sauce.  Drizzle onto
grilled pork tenderloin  just before serving for a unique finishing sauce.
NET WT 10.4 oz (294g)  $ 6.95

Brown Sugar Bourbon Sauce:  Smooth, sweet brown sugar with a kick of the finest Kentucky Bourbon.  Heat gently in the microwave pour over any dessert, pumpkin cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, just about anything for a wonderful creation. Add to hot chocolate or coffee for an interesting twist.  Glaze your holiday ham during baking and have a little more on the
table to pass around.  Stuff you favorite apple, pour sauce over bake
till done, drizzle just a little more before serving warm.
NET WT 9.8 oz (277g)  $ 6.95

Cranberry Cabernet Sauvignon Sauce:  This is just fabulous! 
No other way to say it.  This sauce will work well as a topping for any dessert, warm or room temperature.  Use as a marinade for Salmon, then grill on a cedar plank.  Use as a finishing sauce for turkey, chicken or pork.  Blend
with creams for a pie filling.  Mix into a little mayonnaise to create a
unique sandwich dressing.  The uses are endless.
NET WT 9.8 oz (277g)  $ 6.95

Tart Cherry Pinot Noir Sauce: Another fabulous sauce with endless possibilities.  Great as a marinade with wild game as well as pork tenderloins, pork chops or salmon; grill on cedar plank for best results.  Can also be baked in the oven.  Drizzle just a little more over entree before serving.  This is wonderful over ice cream, cheesecakes, pound cakes
or pies for an extra special grand finale. Mix with whipped cream for
a quick cake filling.
NET WT 9.8 oz (277g)  $ 6.95

Satin Chocolate Sauce: Bittersweet, smooth chocolate
sauce.  Heat gently in the microwave, and pour over any dessert,
ice cream, or pie for a special twist.  Add 1 to 3 Tablespoons to
a coffee cup, fill with hot milk for the ultimate hot chocolate.
Add to hot coffee for that mocha flavor everyone loves.
NET WT 11 oz (312g)  $  coming soon.

All of our toppings are made in an FDA Peanut FREE Kitchen

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Brandy Caramel Sauce: coming soon.

Spicy Carmel Sauce:  coming soon.

Peach Chardonnay Sauce: coming soon.

Very Vanilla Creme Anglaise: coming soon

Dessert Topping, Filling
And Entree Sauces
Lemon Parfait made with Pucker Up Lemon Curd and topped with just a little more for that Pucker Up punch.
All of our sauces have been created on the beautiful shores of the Oneida River in Central New York.  Each batch is hand crafted for a truly gourmet finish.  These toppings-fillings offer endless possibilities to make your own personal signature dishes.  They can be used as savory marinades and entree finishing sauces and creates breakfast too.  With some simple recipes you also can create everything from amazing appetizers to the perfect dessert for that spectacular grand finale for any event.

All of our toppings are made in an FDA Peanut FREE Kitchen
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